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RGB led

Adjusts colors for camouflage in accordance with vision
Using a
Today my daughter and me continued to study our animal encyclopedia. We found the chameleon. I tried to explain her that some species adjust their colors for … Read more

DIY RGB LED Matrix Help!

Hello, I've got a heap of RGB SMDs and I'd like to make a pair of sunglasses with LED animation. The pair of sunglasses in question can be seen in the attachment. The general battleplan is to have a 19x5 matrix of LEDs (less than 95 since some will be excluded due to the position of the nose rest). I'd like to have some simple animations, ie color fade, rainbows, etc. I'd be using an Arduino for this project, though if it's at all possible with using the much more portable Picaxe I may be inclined to learn how to use that instead.
RGB LED Glows in 7 different shades.
7 different shades of RGB LED.. Enjoy watching it.. And the URL that I have provided abive is for watching a slideshow of some pics captured during programming a … Read more
Different colours at different rates
The RGB led glows in 7 colors and at 2 different rates. Hope you like it......Cheers...... Read more

Positive terminal RGB LEDs

Recently I got few 10mm RGB LEDs. The strange thing is: the longer pin is positive? This is what is says on eBay:


10mm Ultra-Bright RGB LED 7000-9000 mcd

Geir's RGB night light was such an inspiration I just had to make my own.  Instead of Picaxes I decided to use ATTiny 2313. At first I tried to program it with C … Read more