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robot programming toolkits


It has been a while that I have not done any robots programming, so I need to update my skills.

What is the most recent robotics toolkit library? There are carmen and mrpt.org - but they both seem kind of old? What is the newest of such software, with community support? Are there any new ones?

Also, I dont want to work with arduino, nor pic - I have done both and I want to graduate from both of them? What would you guys suggest? ARM???

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Robotics software (LMR Toolkit)

I saw the program Speed Calculator v1.2 by djhesit8 and I got inspired.

Wouldn't it be cool to have a LMR Toolkit program in which you could do
many computations and simulations to support your robot making process.

Now my question to you is:
What features would you like this program to have? So what processes /
calculations are you doing at the moment that you would like to have