Let's Make Robots!


You know, for kids.

This is an old project of mine that I think I now want to finish. It will be my first attempt at image processing.

Here is where it is at so far. More information will be added with time.


UPDATE 07.27.11 I have written a maze solving simulator and embedded it online. It allows users to build a maze and have a virtual robot solve it using the left … Read more
Yeah I know what you are thinking, "V3? What is this a CNC machine?" Well no, I really want to get this idea working. I had 2 other versions before this one, but … Read more

Maze Solving Robot V3. This one will work.

Not too long ago I received a care package from CTC. He sent me 2 of his arduino PCBs he designed. 


So that got me thinking, what would I build with it?

Well as this is going on, my highschool finally has its laser cutter installed. So it would be foolish of me not to use it. 

Here I go, making my highest verison of a robot yet. Maze Solving Robot V3. 


Line follower project

Hi guys, I'm working to build a linefollower robot to compete in both linefollowing and maze solving contests, but I've a few questions and problems I hope you could help me resolve.


Well, the first problem are the motors. At the beginning I was using two 3v - 6v motors and this worked fine, but I had to duplicate the H-Bridge chip on my Picaxe 28X1 Started Pack due to the high amperage they required.