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Blinks when getting dark
Last Friday my little one brought back an empty Yakult bottle from the Kindergarten. The teacher said the kids should build something with it. Since we once already … Read more

Happy Birthday, LED!

Today (October 9) in 1963, Nick Holonyak, Jr. demonstrated the first visible-spectrum light-emitting diode to the bean-counters at General Electric.  He mixed Galium and Arsenide in a way that chemists told him was impossible to create that first familiar red glow.  Today, we're on the verge of replacing all innefficient filament-based lights with his invention (if the conspiracy theorists don't get their way, that is.)

Minimal Picaxe LED blinker

I just found a different way to make an LED blink with a picaxe 28x1:

   inc b0
   let pin7 = b0 >> 7
   ' do other important stuff here
goto main