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rf link

Navigate around via ultrasonic and create a map
Using a
Robotic Operation Unit with Learning envIroment System ( ROULIS ). this is my first Rover 5 Autonomous Robot with PIC 16F887 using mikroC and OSA RTOS.The idea … Read more

Radio Link for your robot to your computer (Cheaply).

          Some of you have noticed the small, low-priced transmitter-receiver pairs available, which seem quite nice for robotic links, robot to robot, or robot to controller or controlling computer.

RF link

Hello, I recently purchased an RF Link 434 mhz transmitter and receiver from sparkfun as well as an ftdi basic 5v breakout. I hooked up a transmitter to an arduino board and the reciever to the breakout but for some reason I didn't get a signal to the breakout.  Why?