Let's Make Robots!


A teaching experiment

Today in the robotics class I wanted to try an experiment. We have covered lots of stuff over the past few months, but not so much programming. In these next few weeks we will be concentrating on programming until we get some sweet kits, more news on that later. 

I have been trying to think up cool and interesting ways that the kids can learn programming whilst getting their hands dirty. It's hard to install software on the school computers so we don't have the IDE up and running yet, but I'm working with the IT admin on that. 

Robot kits in education

As some of you may know I have been teaching high school kids robotics (well so far programming) for several weeks now, seen here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/36394.

Teaching school kids basic programming and electronics

UPDATE: 19/10/2013

Sorry no updates for a long time. I find that whilst trying to organize lessons and actually doing them I don't find much time to record or take pictures.

Recomendations for a School Lab?

I am setting up a basic electronics/robotics lab at my school. I have been trying to figure out what a good soldering iron would be for the classroom or if one of the kits available, which contain other useful tools, are viable. This is a class/club where both the students and teacher (me) are relatively inexperienced. We bought some cheap soldering irons last year but they are already useless and I don't want to make the same mistake twice. So, I guess I'm looking for warnings as much as recommendations.


I've been asigned a project to make a learning site with Intellibrain Bot tutorials. I have to explain only software side of it and I know most of it. But I have never teached anyone anything and I have never been realy teached robotics, all the stuff I learned is from examples and asking people on internet for specific problems.

So my question is in what order should I make it? How to teach people who never used a PC to program robots in Java?