Let's Make Robots!


LMR Intro Video



Whilst editing my newest video I found I was getting a little sick of just having an LetsMakeRobots static image at the end of my videos. Because of this I thought I would throw together a short LMR clip to make it look all fancy and stuff.

You are free to download these and use however you like.

The YouTube video is of the clip.


Download links can be found using the link below:

My intro and a request for pointers for navigation pseudocode please.

Hello All

I am new here and am currently working on building my first robot. I think I bit off a larger project than I ever should have for a first bot, but have learned a load in the process.

I built a RepRap 3D printer and have since printed out some track links and wheels (a design I found on thingiverse). I have designed my own chasis and am currently on version 4 which seems to be fairly stable.

My bot is a catarpillar..


Hi guys, just a quick hello. Just registered on the site and published my first robot. It is a work in progess that I will be using to teach myself some electronics (I am already an experienced software engineer).

Hope I can be helpful as well as get some help/advice when I need it!