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tank treads

Will run around autonomously and remote controlled, interacts with other robots (maybe)
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Conquerer of Living Rooms
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Tank track assembled

I said in my last blog entry that I wanted to play with the sensors first, and I did a bit, but I decided to go ahead and assemble the chassis and drivetrain first.  I got the Tamiya track and wheel set, the dual gear box and the universal plate set.  All this stuff is meant to work together, but the directions are in Japanese and it took a bit of kajiggering to get working right.  In particular, it gives you no real hints about how many of the track sections to use, you just have to estimate and if you get it wrong, take it apart and try again.

Controlling belts

I set out to make an aggresive little tank and I got this far. It runs like a dream when I put a battery directly on the motors... in a straigt line. Any ideas on how to control it, so it can turn on a plate. All wireless.


Everything was made from old bits and pieces. I havent spend any money yet.