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FEZ Domino

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Navigating in all terrain
Using a
A.T.T.R - All Terrain Track Robot. Robot able to move in rough terrain from point A to B skipping obstacles on its way. For now it will be cotroled by human, but … Read more
For the last couple of years I have had a bird box mounted on the wall outside my room. All the time I have had a USB webcam inside so I (and a lot of other people … Read more

FezBridge - Android Debug Mode meets Fez Domino

FezBridge is an Implementation of the Android Debug Bridge (ADB)  on a .NETMF device, the Fez Domino from GHI electronics. It is based on the MicroBridge project from Inopia alias Romfont. The ADB is available on most Android phones (Andropid v1.6 or higher). This is one of the advantages against the Android Open Accessory mode. which runs only on a few phones.

The Crystal Ball of Horror was my entry into the http://www.tinyclr.com/ Halloween contest. UPDATE: 11/11-2010 I got second place in the … Read more

Another new forum: FEZ Domino

So, you think you can handle the FEZ Domino? Oh what a beautiful world: Now you have your own forum to talk about it.

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Starting with .NET Micro Framework

My current project is a start here robot with .NET Micro Framework using a FEZ Domino board from GHI Electronics. The FEZ Domino is pin compatible to Arduino, but has more processing power (ARM7 core with 72MHz clock), 3 UART, 2SPI USB host and micro SD-Card support.

After building some Arduino based robots I think it's time for a change. Before I start build the robot itself some testings were needed to find out if the FEZ Domino is a worthy successor for the Arduino and can I use my existing Arduino shields.

FEZ Domino

I just ordered a FEZ Domino from Sparkfun  http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9797 And was wondering if anyone here at LMR has any experience with it?
If I get it working it will replace the two Arduinos in SEA RENDERING http://letsmakerobots.com/node/21098 and hopefully give me a more robust platform for further development of the boat.

UPDATE: 18.08.2010

Follows a line and avoid obstacles, Make sound with a piezo speaker
Using a
This is my entry for the DAGU "Beginners Robot Chassis Challenge". It is prelimary named Pacman, but the name maybe change in the future. Pacman was my first idea, … Read more