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development boards


Intoroducing R-Dev-Ino

R-Dev-Ino is a Robotic Development Arduino compatible board, easily stackable. If you want to build a more complex robot, you need to modularize it. Instead of designing specific boards for each module, I have designed a multipurpose configurable board with a small prototyping area and an I2C connector made so the boards can be stackable side by side, one on top of the other like this:

MCU Development boards from MikroElektronika

There is an excellent company in my country (Serbia) which specialises in developing MCU development boards. These boards all include the following :

-In Circuit Debugger (ICD)

-Simulation components (LEDs, LCDs, 7seg displays, pull up/down buttons, keypads, thermometers, A/D,D/A.

-Easy to test interfaces (for MCU-PC interaction) such as USB, PS/2,  parrallel port, ethernet, etc

-Ability to program various families of MCUs (but for only one type, eg PICs). They usually support around five different types of MCUs per board.