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Help point me in the right direction, servo controllers

I need some electronic circuitry help.  I'm building a door.  The door is going to be controlled by one servo.  I am trying to get it so that by pressing one button it goes to the open position and by pressing another button it goes to the close position.  How would I go about doing this?  I've been reading up like crazy about lm555 circuits and controllers but I just don't know how to apply that, if it's even possible.

My first robot..........

So I've decided to build my first robot which not the LMR "start here" one (that one is going to be my second one) and im using this circuit- http://costaricabeam.solarbotics.net/Circuits/Vores/555%20Photovore.png . I've tried about 10 different designs for the body but its just not working. When i cover the left photocell with my hand and the other one is exposed to light the speed of the motors is the same and same with the right photocell. has anyone tried the circuit? did it work?