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Using a Toy Speaker

First I just have to say that this site deserves a lot of credit for getting me into robotics. I only had an inkling of an interest in robotics until I built the "My First Robot" so props on that.


To my question though, I found this cheap santa toy for a dollar with motors and a speaker for saying some santa related phrase and I want to try to make the speaker play either from an ipod or some sort of microcontroller sound module or something. How could I do this?

Also on the speaker it says GW 8 ohms 0.5 watts.


How to use small radio speakers- with Arduino

Small SpeakerHow do we use these? I salvaged 3 of these but I have no idea how to use them. Google searches were irrelevant and the closest I came to finding an answer was the Arduino Tone example. Can you please indicate me a good tutorial on that subject if you have one in mind? 

Thanks a lot

Technical info on speakers

Hello guys. I've made a simple audio board by following the instructions provided by the "Arduino Waveshield" homepage. Only changed one part (the audio amp) but it works flawlessly.

Now, i'm using a 1W audio amplifier, and i have an 8ohm 0.5W speaker. I'm not too satisfied with the volume, as i'd like it louder than it currently is. Options are: