Let's Make Robots!


giving away power adaptors

I've recently bought a small wireless camera on ebay, and the seller sent along two american power adaptors. I live in Norway and can't use them. So, if any of you americans want one 12 volt and one 8 volt adaptor (the kind you plug into your wall outlet) just holler, OK? I get free postage at work, so it's totally free if anybody wants them.

My only condition is: You have to use them. I can't be bothered bringing them to work and sending them away just so they can end up in a drawer on the other side of the atlantic ocean

management model


The Decepticons robots are far superior to the Autobot robots. Their only real problem is the management model applied by Megatron.

The Autobots have weaker and less agile robots, but still manage to outmaneuver the Decepticons by Optimus Prime's abillity to forge the Autobots into one co-ordinated unit.