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This morning I was going to try my "RADAR" project on my beautiful new Panda II. The last time I had carefully put away the board (on an anti-static mat). The board was working fine.

I REALLY like my FEZ Panda II !!!!

Soooooo, I got my new FEZ Panda II and I thought I might like it. I was right, I really do!

Basically, this Arduino sized board (compatible with some Arduino shields) is like the "FEZ Mini" on steroids! One of the many great things this board has is almost all the processor pins broken out to connectors that accept wires or shield pins. Other great items are a Micro-SD drive and a realtime clock. I did a firmware update without a problem. FEZ Mini programs are running just fine with an update to Panda II libraries.

C# and .NET Good websites area.

What would be great is to reserve a topic so everyone can put their favorite websites to share (LMR being first, of course!)

I have found an AWESOME website with lots of C# stuff and links to other great websites.

Everyone check out: http://www.csharptools.com/ you owe it to yourself!

I really like my FEZ Mini Robot.

I am totally ejoying my FEZ Mini Robot! I thought the C# code might be hard for me but I am really starting to like that language. It is a "shift" in ones thinking about writing a good program. Now I am sure I would "mix some things up" if I went back to programming on a Arduino.

No fears mate about the C# code running on the FEZ Mini, it works just fine. The build/deploy/debug procedure works, but it still holds a lot of secrets. (The FEZ Mini board sends back "Rebooting..." like your device is acting like small computer!)

FEZ mini robot kit

I'm a new here. This looks like a great site to get some assistance during my robotics journey.

Yesterday I ordered the FEZ mini robot kit which allows me to build a small two wheel robot and program it with .NET/C#. I have been playing with Arduino bots a few years back, but being a .NET developer for many years, I'm looking forward to be able to move a familiar programming environment.

I will keep you updated once the mail-order arrives.

For more info see my blog: http://megabotblog.blogspot.com/

Cheers, Rinie

Rename forum board?

I was thinking, maybe the forum name ”FEZ Domino” is a bit to specific. Maybe it should be called “.NET based systems” or something like that. So it’s a place for all .NET related stuff, not just FEZ Domino.

Another new forum: FEZ Domino

So, you think you can handle the FEZ Domino? Oh what a beautiful world: Now you have your own forum to talk about it.

Be kind to future readers: tag your posts. Two tags for this board are already created. You would like to reuse them, like the environment friendly botbuilder that you are!

FEZ Panda

I just want to inform you guys that the FEZ Panda is on sale for $19.95. I added some more information here.