Let's Make Robots!

Arduino Mega 1280

this was my first steps on robots. I made this plataform on a first stage and now I'm working on a new one. This will be my master's final work, and soon I Will … Read more
A small robot for learning various robot stuff
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*All Updates will be added to the bottom, Old stuff on the top, newest on the bottom, scroll through and enjoy :)* Read more
Hopefully navigate around via ir sensor or similar .... follow light, line follower
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                  Ok as this is hopefully going to be a ongoing project for a while i decided to put it in the robot section. Years ago i started getting a … Read more
Auto Navigate using SRF05 Sensors
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Parts List 2 x 15cm 5mm Perspex Circles 2 x 100:1 MFA Como Drills 3-9V Motors 1 x Arduino Mega 2 x SRF05 1 x PP3 Battery Holder and Battery  to power the … Read more