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Live Show notes, episode #014 - ???


Live Show #014, December 3, 2010 - length: 82 minutes, 6 seconds 


(2:03) Announcement that there will be no Aftershows but Preshows instead.

(3:24) Rik talks about his electricity meter project.

Live Show - themed episodes: call for suggestions

In the last live show episode 013, we suggested doing some more themed episodes. Number 13 was all about "support chips". Now please tell us: what are some of the themes you would like us to use?

But most of all: tell us how much you love the how. Because we need that kind of praise to keep the momentum going! ;-)


(That's a WINKY, in case you missed it!)

Live Show notes, episodes #004-#013

Live Shows #001 - #003, --- COMING SOON ---


Live Show #004.1, September 24, 2010 

  The show is late to record (missed around 20 minutes). A humorous recap about An-Tech's question regarding interfacing with a 24LC256 EEPROM chip using I2C. Rik also mentions node 4385 that asks if sound can be stored as well. 


Why is it always late?

Question to the live show:

Why is it always getting late, when I am having fun?


Xbee conference notes

Gareth, David, Glen, Chris and I discussed Xbee radio modems. Here are some notes I took.

Watch part I  here.  Watch part II here.

TAG all your Xbee related content with the tag "xbee", please.


Show Notes Live Show 003 (The real 003)

Show Notes for Live Show Episode 003

Chris the Carpenter Bingo Continues...  CtC Bingo

Xbee Show Saturday! When is the show?

Chris teases a review of a new board. Take a look for yourself A full review is coming soon

New Tagging System for Questions Please Tag Live Show Questions (In the forum) With "liveshow"

13 1/2% vs. 86 1/2%

New cheap sonsor for the Start Here robot?

The Sharp IR sensor that is used in the present "start here" is no longer being produced.

We need to find a replacement, and all ideas welcome.

Conditions: It must be a cheap distance sensor that can be purchased "in the shops".

Cheap, and commonly available.

Arduino on a m1284P???

How do I get Arduino to work with a Mega1284P?


CtC Bingo

For the upcoming episode of the Friday night video show, I propose a game of "CtC Bingo". We create bingo cards with up to 25 typical "Chrisisms". Whenever you hear on of them being used live in the show, you cross it off your card. When you crossed off five in a row, you shout BINGO.

Prizes to be determined.