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small speakers

which speaker (amplifier) for a "mobile-like" output of rttl (midi) sounds?



I am working on a simple PICAXE (4.5 Volt) project that plays 

a (downloaded ringtone) rtttl sound file


Add a speaker to the Start here robot

Hello everyone!  First off let me say that I am very very new to this and im learning. 

pager motors (still inside cell phones)

I have some gutted mobile phones (mostly Nokias I think), so I can part with:


surface mount LED's

motors (same as inside the GM10's)

speakers/mic's (the speakers used for the ring signal are small and obnoxiously loud, but need a strong amp)

These are the parts I instantly recogniced as usable for roboteers, but the phones are basically just partly disassembled but complete, so there are obvious more parts than the ones mentioned here.