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Autonomous walking without falling down
Using a
+++ UPDATE 12-march-2014: Added this video to show stand-alone locomotion. There is a problem with the soles of the feet. They must be changed to avoid sliding … Read more
Navigate around via IR, Follows a laser, line follower, solve a mace, is awsome
Using a
My first robot YAY My robot is controled by an Mbed and uses 3 sharp IR sensors, 3 LDR and 2 line sensors to follow lasers lins and not bump in to stuff Read more

PING sensor question

Oh hello there! I'm pretty new with robotics and all of that exciting stuff. I'd been wanting a microcontroller for a few years, and when mbed gave out free mbeds, (yay) I got one and messed around with it a bit.

Have anyone had any experience with mbed?

My brother pointed this ARM processor out for me and it looks promising. I like the idea of a microprocessor fitting in a 40pin socket. And after downloading the +1Gb IDE for the MSP430 LaunchPad I find the compiler in the cloud interesting.
If this is new to you, have a look at; http://mbed.org/
Also have a look at the handbooks as it’s has many of functions we normally use; http://mbed.org/handbook/Homepage
Or maybe even enter the challenge?