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5 servos

Biped that navigates via Ultrasound. (4-servo walker, inspired by seeing BoB)
Using a
Posting my first robot on LMR. I've been obsessed with robots my whole life, so I'm sad I didn't find this place earlier! Anyway, onto this robot... I've been keen … Read more
Within 90seconds it tries to put more playing elements on its own areas on the playing field than the opponent.
Using a
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Controls the robot using a desktop software
Using a
Hello all, This is my Boe-Bot spy version using Basic Stamp 2 controlled by Desktop Software. I used Delphi 7 IDE to create a user interface program to control … Read more
Surveys small stones and rocks
Using a
This is my current robot study. TETUBO surveys small stones and rocks. The stones or rocks are picked up with a simple gripper mechanism. The rock sample falls in a … Read more