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Stacking Shields

Hey everyone,

I have a quick question concerning stacking arduino shields. Can you stack as many shields as you want as long as none of them use the same pins? 

I have Ro-Bot-X's robot builders shield as well as a xbee shield that I would like to stack onto an Uno. From my understanding, the xbee shield just uses pin 0 and 1 for serial and breaks out the rest. And then the robot builders shield doesnt touch pins 0 or 1. 

Make: Taiwan - Arduino based Robot by Jay Yu aka hardmouse

I stumbled upon a page written in chinese by our member hardmouse for Make: Taiwan. It shows a nice robot featuring an Arduino and my Robot Builder's Shield, with a lot of personality as hardmouse is usualy building. Since he did  not share it with us, I thought of doing it myself. I suggest you guys go to read the chinese page in Google Chrome (it will offer to translate it for you) because you'll have a a good time trying to understand the funy way the words are arranged in chinese.

I wanted to make a small Arduino robot using an original Duemilanove and the Robot Builder's Shield. But I also wanted to have a chassis plate so I can mount the … Read more