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Live Show

Live Show notes, episode #014 - ???


Live Show #014, December 3, 2010 - length: 82 minutes, 6 seconds 


(2:03) Announcement that there will be no Aftershows but Preshows instead.

(3:24) Rik talks about his electricity meter project.

Live Show - themed episodes: call for suggestions

In the last live show episode 013, we suggested doing some more themed episodes. Number 13 was all about "support chips". Now please tell us: what are some of the themes you would like us to use?

But most of all: tell us how much you love the how. Because we need that kind of praise to keep the momentum going! ;-)


(That's a WINKY, in case you missed it!)

PICAXE IR sensor debugging music!

I decided to harvest a peizo buzzer off one of my many salvage boards to use while troubleshooting a new IR reflective breakout per Frits' description in Live Show #012. It works like a machine. I only fried one sensor (hasty connection straight to V+). Surface mount components are easy to replace though, thank The Maker. The video has everything but the sensor carnage.

Ahh, sound debugging \o/  I think I've entered my personal Golden Age of Robotics.  

Live Show notes, episodes #004-#013

Live Shows #001 - #003, --- COMING SOON ---


Live Show #004.1, September 24, 2010 

  The show is late to record (missed around 20 minutes). A humorous recap about An-Tech's question regarding interfacing with a 24LC256 EEPROM chip using I2C. Rik also mentions node 4385 that asks if sound can be stored as well.