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Shops in the Philippines

Hi everyone! I'm new here and in robotics world. Does anybody know any shops here in the Philippines where I can buy materials for robots like the stuffs needed from the Start Here page. Thank you

Anyone would like to sponsor a challenge?

Is there anyone who would like to sponsor or find sponsor for a LMR challenge? I have a really good idea for challenge, but I can't tell you if you are not sure for sponsoring... Thank you guys...

Small nuts and bolts, where do you get them?

I asked this question once before in a bad spot I think. Where do you all get small nuts and bolts. I went to a local hardware store for really small nuts and bolts, like 2x20mm, 2x12 mm, and similar sized imperial nuts and bolts. I walked out of the place with like 30 bolts and 30 nuts and it was over $30.00!!! I used all of them on one project and still have to go get more. But at 45 cents plus a bolt, it is gonna bankrupt me. Is there a good place online to buy these things in like 100 packs or boxes or something for cheaper than a dollar for one nut and one bolt?

Buying from the US


I've found  a bunch of nice electronics at MaximumRobotics that I want to order. But i'm a little conserned about how much extra I'll have to pay in taxes, customs etc.

Do any of you guys have experience buying things in USA and get it shipped to a EU country?

I live in Denmark and is not familiar with how the danish customs operates.


Dennis L