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Rotary Platform

Hi All,

I am making an rotary platform for my product photoshoot. i want to take 360' picture of product which i would later use with 123D catch by autodesk  to make an 3d model which i would later use for editing in Cinema4d and finally use it in game development in Unity3D.


Robot position with quadrature encoder

I'm building a robot for environment mapping. It's a simple "start here"-class robot: 2 wheels, 2 dc motors and a range sensor mounted on a servo. I plan to hook it up with my PC 1st by USB and later on by wireless somehow.

I want it to drive around and send the range sensor readings to the PC which in turn will be building a map of the environment. The hard part will be knowing the robot's position relative to it's earlier position(s). I know this would be easy with a GPS or an accelerometer, however I wish to find a more lowtech/DIY solution, so here is my idea:

Isn't that just a pot? You are forgiven for thinking you are looking at a photo of a potentiometer AKA variable resistor. That's what this looks like. However, if … Read more