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experimental rocketry

Create a solid rocket motor at home!
Manufacturing combustion chambers and nozzles, cooking rocket fuel and using PVC pipe to create custom rocket motors right at home! Not only is making your own … Read more
Accelerometer assisted fin actuation to provide straight flight
This model rocket was modified to fit 4 servos, each controlling the position or a fin. An accelerometer in the nose cone gave data to the Arduino in which it … Read more
Observes the sky with a video camera, transmits a ring tone to all walkie-talkies in a range of 2km, beeps to find it again
****Update 2011/8/18**** Video from a successful flight is up. The HD BoosterVision camera is awesome. Telemetry worked perfect. Recovery took me and my father in … Read more
***Update 2011/8/19*** First experiment using white wood glue (polyvinyl acetate) as a binder for the propellant hexaphenox. The advantage is that polyvinyl … Read more

Hexamine as an experimental rocketry propellant

Today I started to experiment with hexamine and KNO3 as an experimental rocketry propellant, but whatever mixture ratio I used the mixture was unable to combust. I thought maybe the KNO3 is too wet so I dehydrated it, but the result was the same. Ok, the only possibility was that they chemcial store sold me something else than KNO3. The container was sealed and the chemical symbol right, but who knows in China... I made a aqueous solution of the salt and electrolyzed it. Odor of chlorine...So my KNO3 is probably NaCl or KaCl.