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micro servo gear diametral pitch / module

Does anyone know what diametral pitch or module the gears are in those micro servos?

I want to make a gear that directly mates with the servo final gear but I can't unless I know the module or diametral pitch.

I have the servo gear so with digital calipers I measured the outer diameter of the 31 tooth gear to be 9.96 mm. If I use cad software to create a 0.3 module gear with 31 teeth, this gives me an outer diameter of 9.814 mm. Pretty close but it's not a home run.

Accelerometer as a Inclination (pitch) sensor

Hello everybody!

I'm an robotics hobbist an I'm planning to put some sensors and a microcontroller to a RC Car to log some status data.

First sensing will be reading pitch angle when RC car is running uphill and downhil using a 3-axis accelerometer. I've read some documentation on how to do this and a little bit confused, my question is:

How to convert accelerometer values to angles when RC Car is moving? I'm only interested in inclination angle, pitch.


Thanks in advance!