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Breathes Light into 3-D Printed Gifts from Cevinius
It's no secret that we have several "Doctor Who" fans on LMR, and for good reason-he's a great hero.  Here's a space man who comes to us not with a laser gun, but … Read more

Personal Libraries

As I work with K-9 the code gets longer and longer and more and more compartmentalized.  It occurs to me that a lot of the functions could be hidden in a library that would only ever be used for one project.  For example, his audio cues reside on an ISD 1760 chip and are controlled via 132 lines of code broken out of 5 functions (Arduino.)  That's a long sketch to scroll through on its own, and could easily be hidden functionally from view by creating a library and including it.

WANTED:Robot Boss


UPDATE 21 October : 

I'm awarding myself "Dumbass of the Week Award."


I went through a little of the Linux board work that I intended to (got the JDK on the Pi and gave TinHead a headache trying to get the same on the BBB, no love there yet.  I see why Ladvien feels how he does about the BBB and tried to give his to me.)

Hello! I'm new here


Hi there. I have seen a few videos from this website. I've even been told a few time to sign up, so here I am! :) Glad to meet you all! Lots of fun projects on here. I've been looking through the Robots and Blog area, some real neat stuff.

I'm a robot builder also, sorta, kinda. I spit out new ones often, so I may not have time to post them in the Robots section. But I really like the active forum here! I'll probably be around often. 

Here's a few links to some of my robots if you're interested: