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Fun programming suggestions

Sup. I've been a lurker here since 2011. When I started I was very new to all of this. Electronics, software, and mechanics blew my mind. Of those three I gradually began learning electronics and software to the point where I could write Arduino sketches and understand the essential parts of most electronics datasheets (with mechanics seriously lagging behind). And I was a happy person. I then fiddled with more Arduino and even got myself a Raspberry Pi. A bit earlier, I had made a robot that was capable of finding and extinguishing candles.

Forum suggestion - 2 Code Tags

This is in response to JAX's original excellent suggestion about getting a plug in for code.  I had to repost here because in attempting to help arbarnhart accidentally threw up all over that post - here 

Doing a little searching I found this which led me to the Drupal plugin here ..

Looks like the right idea...  I could try it on my site...