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electrical connectors

Wire and Servo Connectors


I am currently am ordering parts for robot #2.  As robot #1 is a nest of wiring, this time I want to use cables that have 2 or 3 conductors and use the connectors normally used on servos.

This has leads to two questions which are:

Is there some reason to choose "twisted" wires (2 or 3 wires wrapped around each other) over flat ribbons (2 or 3 wires side by side)?

Informative site about screw terminals

Screw terminals are a type of electrical connectors which connect a wire to a metal platform. The wire is secured into the terminal to form an electrical ground, which is an electric current. To secure the connection, the wire is usually secured into the terminal with a screw to prevent the connection from getting loose. Please follow the link to read more about screw terminals.

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