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Electronic components: the bare essentials and useful components to buy.

Now that an Arduino Mega is on it's way from China and some sensors, it's time to look at what electronic components are useful. Of course I could, for example, buy every ceramic capacitor that exists, but that would be a waste of money.

So what are commonly used components when using the Arduino? I'm talking about pull up resistors, capacitors for debouncing and other handy/necessary components.



Hi, can I use in circuit however big capacitor or do you know some article about using capacitors? Thank you.

Electronic components newbie help

Well I'm not technically a newbie, but I forgot a lot of this stuff so :P

Basically I was reading up on what are good general components to get, and I've made a cart with Jameco electronics (the easiest site for me to understand their ordering process).

What do you all think? Is this a good selection? (Note: the resistor assortment bag goes from 10 to 5.6m Ohms. I would assume this includes the K range of ohms, right?)


Too much capacitance?

Is there such a thing as too much capacitance in a voltage regulation circuit?

I plan to use a pair of  47 uF 50volt caps in my power supply - 'cause that's what I have in my

junk box.  Any problem?  (It will be powering 3 Picaxe08-M's and a L293D motor controller. - power for the motor will be separate)

How do I determine the 'proper" amount of capacitance?


Hi y'all, just joined LMR, fantastic site, lovin' it already . . .


I am a bit of a beginner to robotics, I mean I can program and all that, and make these things, but I know not how or why they work.

One thing I have been wondering is about capacitors:

When designing a circuit, how does one know where to place capacitors, or why to have them, or how they function in that position?

With this circuit in particular (from here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2074), why the caps?

those two in the top-right, why do they both need to be there?