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Gluing/Melting the Plastic on the Dagu Rover 5

Do any of you know what kind of plastic is used to make the Rover 5?

It doesn't have the "feel" of ABS. My guess is it's polystyrene.

guide light, conduct air, be tubey
When your project, like mine, needs a tube pipe to fit exactly around something, consider making your own. I could not find anything with the exact inner diameter … Read more

Heat sink



So I've read in many places, I need a heat sink on my motor driver chip.

That's no problem, I'm assuming a chunk of metal will do the trick, but how do I attach it?

Is there a certain type of glue I should be using? I only ask, because I don't want the glue to melt.


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Hot melt glue sticks

I Have bought some 5/16" diameter Hot Melt Glue Sticks for a hot glue gun. That's not the size my gun uses. If anybody wants it, just send me your adress and I'll ship it to you for free. They're dirt cheap anyway, but I thought I should ask...