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stepper motor

What are stepper motors???

I have used geared motor,servo motors in my projects but i really want to know what are stepper motors how are they different from other motors

what is:

1.Unipolar stepper motor

2.bipolar stepper motor

what is their power requirements

6DOF motion control platform
Using a
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Programming a stepper motor to complete one rotation in a day.

I have to build a working model of earth  rotation.

How can I programme a stepper motor to complete one rotation in a day, with 15 min intervals for each of the longitudes?

Is stepper moter best for it os should i use continuous rotation serveo, though i dont know how to time the servo for the project in this case too?

Will the stepper motor or the servo have enough torque to rotate a globe of weight of atmost 2 kg?

I have a Picaxe 28x1 and a L293D IC

Fastest Motor - Stepper vs DC

Hi all.I am building a drum machine for a university project and i need some help.

I am currently controlling a 9v stepper motor with 4 wires(Bipolar) with pic 16f877a, programming with micro c.

The speed i have reached it's not very fast between the bits (Forward and Backward movement and again)                                     so it's a little slow playing with the stick.

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Trying to use a light sensor to control a stepper motor

So this code finally works, how do i change it from a light sensor to infrared sensor?

int dirPin = 8;

int stepperPin = 7;


void setup() {


  pinMode(dirPin, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(stepperPin, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(A0, INPUT);


void step(boolean dir,int steps){



  for(int i=0;i<steps;i++)


    digitalWrite(stepperPin, HIGH);


Automatically dispenses cat food, Able to change settings such as amount of food dispensed and also the time it is dispensed in the day
Using a
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28BYJ-48 stepper motor

hello, I'm working on a new project and I'm using this small stepper motor from yourduino.com. I'm controlling the position of the stepper motor using a 10K potentiometer and it does rotates according to the pot, but it jitters at any position. What could be cousing this jittering?. I tried the knob code from arduino.cc and still jitters. I replaced the pot with a 1.2 kohms fix resistor and it does not jitters when stoped. Is the code missing something? HELP, no really HELP.

#include STEPS 100

Stepper stepper(STEPS,8,10,9,11);

int previous = 0;

void stup ()

A4988 and steppers My experience and mistakes

I've bought a few of the pololu stepper drivers A4988 to populate a ramps1.3 board used in printrbot. Before building the mechanics I soldered together the ramps board and plugged it all together with my arduino mega2560 and the drivers. Having tried to work out the best software combination with marlin version and either pronterface or replicator G I could not for the life of me get any action from the steppers in the control panel for either host software.

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Confused by Arduino's new R3 motor shield.

I'm new to Arduino and microcontrollers in general. I've had an Uno for about a half of a year. Using the diagram posted by Tom Igoe (link below), I made an H-bridge to allow me to control a stepper motor with my Arduino. I made the mistake of buying an Arduino's R3 motor shield, not realizing that the design was so new. Come to find out there is little to no documentation to be found on it. My problem is that I have no clue (other than mounting the shield) on how to wire in the stepper motor and what changes to make to the sketch which works with my H-bridge.

A stepper motor driver where a dsPIC33 both monitors the current and controls the PWM via an L298N.
A few years ago I started building stepper motor drivers.  First it was a simple unipolar driver.  My motors wouldn't rotate faster than 1 to 2 rps.  So I … Read more

Stepper motor holds at full current and makes noise, smooth otherwise


I have the following:

EasyDriver stepper motor driver

Bi-Polar stepper motor 6 wire

I am using Red/White and Yellow/Black, which means I'm using half coil.  My understanding is this allows me to use the full current (and presumably have more holding strength).

Problems with axe 08m and l293n


I have a teeny problem - I'm playing with stepper motors for my next robot, the plan is to have an 18M2 sending serial packets to a pair of 08M2s which each will control one stepper, to save outputs on the 18.

My problem is this, when I have the 18 running into the L293 driver the motor runs perfectly, but when I use an 08 nothing happens and it gets hot (I fear the magic smoke)...

Stepper motor

Hi, just a basic question, but I have a stepper here with four wires coming out of it one of which is gnd,

Is it a three or four wire Stepper motor?

I am slightly confused so any anwser would be appreciated,


CNC electronics

I'm in the process of building a CNC machine right now and would like a little help from the experience ones.  Right now I have $250 saved up and counting.  I'm trying to figure out what to do about stepper motors, power supply, and motor controller.  I didn't know if it be best to just buy a package that have it all in one and what would you recommend.

Mixed power sources, stepper motors, arduino, and pololu stepper driver

I'm building a 3D printer and I'm a little over my head. Right now I'm trying to make sure most of my components play nice with each other with some simple code and only one motor.  Here's my set-up:

Seeeduino Mega fully Assembled

I have a seeeduino mega. More on the pinouts later. It's being powered via USB and I don't know if that's okay.


Molon Mystery

How do they work?

Well, yesterday i was cleaning the basement of one of my friend's house when i found this:


A very good looking box with a lot of interesting stuff in! Motors, mechanics, gears, belts...and whatever people can drem up! Perfect for some cool robotic projects! So i brought everything in my house and i started testing it. I have no idea of where all this stuff came from, it seems a sort of photocophy machine, or something like that. All the guesses are welcomed!

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how 2 run stepper motor

hi, ive bought a stepper motor which has totally six wires...but i dnt know how to run it continuosly..

pls help me in dis and tel all d component details and sequences to run continuously...