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PICAXE 28x1 Syntax Error

I need help, I'm trying to program a sonar with the PICAXE programing editor and tere's this Syntax error that shouldn't be there.

low portc 0
pulsout b.5,5
pause 200
pulsin portc 0, 1, w1
w1 = w1/29

It only complains with the "pulsin" line, the "low" line doen't create any sort of problems. What's wrong here?

MacAxePad syntax error

Hi guys,

First post here.

I got the "How to make your first robot" 2.0 kit for my son and I am having problems.

I use an iMac 10.6 and MacAxePad software and I'm having this syntax error "s"

I cut and paste the following from the tutorial on this site, but it still doesn't work.


servo 0,

150 wait 2



I'm not normally working with gadgets like this, but I'm trying and it's slowly getting the best of me.