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Halloween Sale: Whole Store On Sale For One Week, Up to 50% Off

ICStation.com offered a big sale from 22nd, Oct  to 30th, Oct for a happy Halloween night. All items are on sale now.

Here is the details for your reference:


Hakko 888 review (Do I really need to?)

This is more of a follow-up to my review of the "9936" soldering iron that disappointed me so badly in my last blog entry.  Let me begin by saying that the problem with the iPad is that it makes it way to easy to buy things while you're taking a crap.

Initial Project - Dremel Drill Press and Table Saw

Hello all,

I am about to begin my initial build soon - a Dremel powered dual purpose drill press and table saw.  Now, I know that this may seem NOT related to a robot topic, but I will be using this tool project as the stepping stone for building an Arduino CNC with REPRAP software (similar to the LIL CNC in instructables.com) while re-using as many of the tablesaw parts as possible in the CNC. 

My goals are simple:

1. build the dremel (2 in 1) table saw

Tools & metal for building robots CHEAP!!

If you ever need metal working tools or pieces of aluminum, copper, brass, steel, or stainless, cut-to-size and shipped at reasonable prices, please check out: http://stores.ebay.com/Stoners-Tools-and-Raw-Materials?_rdc=1

He has hundreds of stock sizes and shapes in stock at his on-line store, or he will custom cut pieces to your size for only $.25 / cut. Paul Stoner is a super guy to deal with, easy to communicate with, and gets your parts shipped right out.

Getting ready

Hello everyone! :D

I'm new to the site and building robotsand got very inspired of all the robots on the site. :D

 And it seems that making a simple bot is easier then i thought :O


After reading some of the tutorials here i decided to start making my own bot,so today i bought some tools that i needed.

Things like: Soldering iron (and a stand/holder), heatshrinking tubes, solderingtin and some wire. didn't find any jumpers tho :/



aka Rudolph's Noisemaker Tool for Arduino

I wanted my current robot project to make cool bleeps bloops and other stupid noises. Instead of just doing it I spent three days writing software to make an easy job "easier". Well, okay, I spent two days doing it wrong, then switched to Python and tried again. This package is the end result. It consists of an Arduino sketch that makes noise from numbers, and a GUI Python frontend to make it "clickier" (oooh).

careful with tools, kids.

So I guess this is as good as time as any to post my first blog post.


A warning on the dangers of robotery.

Don't get so into your work that you forget about safety.

I was shaving off some plastic from a wheel to use it as a homemade pulley for moving a motor for Mr. Tea, when the exacto knife slipped and sliced into my finger.

I didn't think it was too bad until blood came gushing out, turning my sink a lovely shade.

My husband was yelling at me to not move my finger while I flexed it, checking to make sure I didn't sever any tendons.

Plexiglass / acrylic plastic sheets is a great material when building robots. If you are having electronics and mecanics on each side of something, and want to pack … Read more