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make a wireless camera from my webcam for an RC car with video on Matlab

Hello Everyone!

im starting a new project on converting an old webcam into a wireless camera for my car, and get video on my computer using Matlab. Please guide me on how to start + all the basics i need to know for the purpose.


waiting for replies ASAP

Surveillance robot controlled by remote control. autonomous upgrades to follow
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Which Wireless Camera you Recommend?

Hello LMR!

I recently came up with the idea of making my own surveillance robot.

From what I´ve seen until now, all of them have a wireless camera built-in to allow remote control or just a view from the vehicle.

So after seeing some of you have used wireless cameras in your projects, what would you recommend?

I´ve done a little research and came up with this one (I don´t want to waste more than 30$ on one)

Navigate around using wireless video camera and bluetooth.
Using a
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