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Solar charger for multiple batteries

Hi everyone,

I couldn't decide which forum topic to use for my post so I'll post right here in the "Absolute beginners" because I'm actually a programmer and I'm quite new to electronics so I don't want to put expectations too high. I may do or say something that looks pretty stupid for an experienced robot builder so forgive me and don't hesitate to mention it if it happen, I'm here to learn.

Now that I'm done with the presentation part, here is my multipart question.

I managed to build some kind of Solar Li-Po charger using a tutorial and stuff I bought at Adafruit.

How to charge Ni-Hm batteries

Hi Everyone,

I Recently acquired a bunch of batteries (see picture) which I would like to use in my robot :), my only problem is that I have no idea how to charge them correctly. They are 150mAh 6.0V Ni-Hm batteries. For my project I am thinking about using 12 of them in parallel which would give me 1800mAh (would this be enough for a 5 volt Pic robot with two servo's? ). But how can I charge them all at once without wrecking them?

I hope someone can help me :).