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solder iron sn60 sn99.3

Can't solder anymore -> solder doesn't melt and stick on the board

Hi all. I've got this cool digital soldering station this morning and boy was I exited! At last I could solder my 1 robot kit! Well after soldering 30 or so contacts + soldering in the axis I couldnt solder anymore! Here's what happend:

1. Since I thought any solder would do (lame huh?) I bought the cheapest Sn99.3Cu0.7 solder. And since I thought it has the same melting temp. as Sn60Pb40  I soldered at 360 C / 680 F.

2. It went all good but after a while the solder wouldnt melt. So I raised the temperature to 450 C / 842 F :)