Let's Make Robots!

Arduino diecimila

This is my first cut at programming a robot.  Puting the kit together was pretty easy after dealing with some shipping damage.  Then after some experimentation I … Read more
Navigate around via ultrasound avoiding objects
Using a
 Here's a robot that i'm making using a cassette player mechanism to create the body.       Read more
Navigate around, possibly mapping
Using a
This is my next planned robot. It's based on pieces from the self balancing robot, that will be sadly recycled. Components: Brain: Arduino diecimilaMotor Driver: … Read more
UPDATE: I decided to remove the H-Bridge part, now the motors are directly connected to the AA batteries, and the Arduino is connected to the 9V battery. This … Read more
Snail Light Seeker This creature roams through the environment and seeks for light sources. If an object is too close it reverses motion and turns around, then … Read more
This is my second robot! With a better understanding of robot building and navigaton programming i´ve came up with this robot! I think that the great improvement … Read more
So here we are :) I decided to try and build the holy grail of robotics hobbist: a self balancing robot. I've made some research around and i've come to the … Read more