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Looking for ideas on a I2C Pan/tilt stand-alone sonar

This quest to build a stand-alone I2C pan/tilt range finder controller started with an article here by Ladvien.  In    http://letsmakerobots.com/node/39130, Ladvien explores using an ATtiny85 (84) as an I2C motor controller...

And in http://letsmakerobots.com/node/39222,   Chris the Carpenter   gives us an awesome pan and tilt code example... so...

Web controllable mobile platform for webcam mounted on pan/tilt turret
Using a
This is my first robot project though I have been working with Microcontrollers and Embedded Linux for a little while. As of writing (3/1/13) this is still very … Read more

Pan/Tilt Load capacity

Hey guys thanks for reading! I am thinking about making a paintball sentry or turret(whichever you would like to call it) and I need too know how much you guys think the material of the mechinism will hold. Most specifically will it hold my paintball gun? Thanks for reading and I would appreciate all your help! *If you find one that you think is better tell me that too! :) 

LInks- Pan/tilt- http://www.robotshop.com/servocity-spt200-pan-tilt-1.html

Paintball gun wieght- approx.- 4 lbs