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SparkFun launches robotic parts & "Robotics 101" video series

Actobotics Logo - page

December 20, 2013: SparkFun launches the Actobotics robotic components online.

The first video shows Robert from SparkFun introducing the product line and talking about the various items.

Dawn Robotics - Robotic Parts and Kits, Dagu and Seeed Studio

Hi everybody,

My name's Alan. I've been a long time lurker on LMR, and I'm also studying as a PhD student over at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory in the UK.

As I'm coming to the end of my PhD, I've recently started up a company, Dawn Robotics Ltd, with the aim of being able to support myself making robots as a career - I don't think I'm really cut out for academia full time. ;)

Potential Parts Store


I am looking into selling robot parts online, and I am curious what parts you, the potential customers, would like to see.

Really cheap parts?

Hello people of the world :)

Sorry I having been posting any robots so far, but for now I need your help again :)

Peg placing robot

Hello, everybody......


i really need your guidance. i m making a robot which have to performs two task: line following + box placing..

it must be heavy in weight, because of its body and robotic arm (for picking a box, sense its color and then place it in a chamber of same color )


my first task is to select motors .....i search motors a lot but cant find best....my robot weight lie in this range 10 kg- 14kg

Weekend at WalMart

The new WalMart just opened last week here in Saskatoon.  I decided to visit it which was probably a mistake cause most of my time was spent looking for a parking spot and waiting in line to pay for stuff.  The reason I went was because supposedly this one is the largest one in western Canada.  I probably should have stayed home because I wasn't able to make any progress on my sumo last weekend, however I did find something cool.


Oh Yeah!!

I got mail, need saying more? :D