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laser cutter

For Kariloy -- PCB with laser cutter

In case you've not checked HaD today :)


In case you haven't been on Hack-a-Day yet.


Now all I need is a $3k laser cutter.


I take it back, it's only 3k if you opt for the delux package :)


DIY laser cutter

Reading about all those lucky people that have access to a laser cutter, i was wondering: can we make one? I mean, build a custom (cheap) laser cutter?

I think it should be something like a plotter, so with a couple of fine-grained steppers and a frame structure (maybe some old scanner) that should be ok.

The problem is the cutting :P where can one find a good laser? i thought about CD-Writer but they have about 100 mW.. I don't know, maybe it's enought for a small dark acrylic sheet.. But i think the optical stuff won't fit :)