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magazine recommendations?

I am interested in a new magazine subscription this year. I had one from nuts and volts last year and it was a decent magazine, but i think I want something with a little more advanced programming and electronics. I am thinking of a magazine that focuses on embedded software and hardware, and that may have content on using ARM processors for projects. Please comment on your experience with any magazines you've liked or disliked, cheers

And the winner is?????

Well the deadline is up. Robot Grrl and I have both entered the "Make a robot with personality" contest on Make magazine. I think there is another entry as well but I'm not sure if he's from LMR.

Jax gave it his best but Murphy kicked him in the pants.

The judging is done by the staff of MAKE magazine. Check the robots out and see what you think.

Robot Grrl's RoboBrrd: http://makeprojects.com/Project/RoboBrrd/862/1

Enter the MAKE Volume 27 Robot Contest!

Make: Magazine is running a contest for robots which demonstrate the most character, what will you enter?


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