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SEAR + MRL = Simulator + Controller


Here's a video from a very cool project by morrows_end Kegfloater

My Computer Found it's BellyButton

Yeah, it doesn't look like much... but I'm excited.  I've been meaning to do this a while, just didn't have the time.  I'll be doing a variety of tests to see how it preforms.  It has several "Match" algorithms to play with (CV_TM_CCOEFF_NORMED, CV_TM_SQDIFF, etc) - and I think there are several normalization routines.

This match algorithm seems fairly fast @ 120 ms - Haar Face Detection takes longer...

The goal is to design, build and program a robot which is nearly as sophisticated as ASIMO ($1,000,000) or WilloGarage's PR2 ($400,000) from off the shelf … Read more

MRL - Facedetect


This is a forum post for Gareth, or others experiencing troubles with mrl .  TinHead noticed that the myrobotlab-0001/haarcascades directory was missing so I uploaded a new myrobotlab-0001.zip to http://code.google.com/p/myrobotlab/downloads/list additionally a new myrobotlab.jar should be dropped in (version 0001.0455)