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BLDC motor controlling, the hard way

I am going through two processes now...

The first, is removing the spider webs from electronics capabilities of yesterday ; The second, is (during this process) controlling an HDD 3-phase BLDC motor with arduino.

Yes, I know I can simply use an ESC component and save myself the hassle of "figuring it all out", simply plugging in the speed controller to the motor 3 pins, 12V battery and simple signal from my microcontroller (arduino) to set the speed/direction .. and voilla. That's it.

BUT..where's the fun in that??

BLDC HDD motor driver


My brother and I have been working on building a propeller clock and have salvaged two old harddiskdrive motors for the project. Our knowledge with these BLDC motors is very limited though and we are not sure how to build our own driver circuit.

The first motor has 3 leads and while the PCB from that harddisk is fried now, I did get the opportunity to take some measurements. Between one of the leads and the two others I measured a 7V and a 12V squarewave at 3.4kHz.