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Wild Thumper Controller

Wild thumper not responing - trouble shooting

Hello all, 

I am a beginner in Arduino, Electronics and Robotics - programming i can do. My Wild Thumper started to behaving weird. I fear that I have destroyed it, but I would like to hear your input.

Here is my setup: 

Wild Thumper Controller Compilling Issue


I recently purchased a Wild Thumper Controller for my Wild Thumper . I tried to modify the controller software to use a LiPO battery and to test my ability to compile the code. Unfortunately I ran into several problems. The Fist was:

I was using the 1.0.5 Arduino Compiler:

         The Compilers are not backwards compatible and you must use the 0.0.18 IDE. (Thanks Russell Cameron)

Connecting 2 Firgelli L12 Servos to one RC Channel


I am a photographer in Alaska and last spring I started building a rc rover with a camera mounted on it to photograph wildlife. I used the Wild Thumper 6wd chasse and controller as the platform. It worked pretty well and I captured a few awesome images, but there were some design issues.  So this spring I am improving upon my design, however, I have ran into a small problem.

Wild Thumper Controller Code Mod to Disable charger for LIPO

Hello All, 

This may be a pretty basic question, but I was going to run my Wild Thumper Controller I just recently got with a LIPO battery and wanted to uncomment out the code relating to the battery charger.  I want to make sure I do this correctly and am not missing anything so I wanted to check here first.  

5v output - Wild Thumper Controller


Is there a way to switch the 5v Output on/off via software?


Recharging batteries with Wild Thumper Controller

Maybw it's a dumb question, but i'm afraid to "burn" the circuit :D.


I have a ni-mh array (7.2v total) in +Bat/-Bat. Works fine...

May I use a 12v SLA Batery CONTINUOUSLY(never unplug, even when motors running) in the 2A recharge socket to recharge the 7.2v array?

And the motor controller run at +bat/-bat voltage, or the recharge socket make influence in output voltage for motors?



Programming Wild Thumper Controller

Well, I'm building a Internet Controlled Robot. Just before I ask, let me show the prototype:


This prototype have a dual 2A driver linked to a Arduino Mega, ethernet shield and stuff.


Now I bought a 6wd Wild Thumper chassis and a Wild Thumper controller. I saw it's an arduino nano compatible and has a RC receiver code built in.
I don't understand how the input in D0 and D1 works.
Has anyone changed the RCmode() function to operate with PWM input instead these "1500" value of RC?

Wild Thumper Controller Left/Right speed way off


i'm using a Wild Thumper controller on a DFRobot 4wd chassis and motors.
I noticed if I set a certain speed, there's a lot of difference between the left and right wheels.

But it is not consistent. The speed tends to equal out after a few seconds.

And it is dependent on the direction. e.g.: going forward starts with left going faster than right, and with going backwards it starts with right going faster than left... weird....

 The effect is worse with higher speeds...

Any ideas?


Unnable to controll wild thumper with radio

Hi Everyone!


Im absolutely new too this, so sorry if my question seems dumb. Im using a wild thumper board, wildt thumper 6wd platform and Lipo 2200 mah battery. 6 channel radio with reciever

Problem 1: Im not able too run the platform using the default setup. It will not respond. The radio and reciever works, i have connected a servo that responds, but the thumper will not.


Can't upload to Wild Thumper Controller

Hi all,


I can't seem to upload my sketch onto the wild thumper controller, tried with 0018, 0022 and the latest IDE.




what does the error code means? Where can I find the definitions for response 0x41 & 0x56?

Help with Wild Thumper Controller

Hi guys,


I'm trying to hookup the Wild Thumper Controller (WTC)to my Uno.

Initial test with a RC unit works great, with the WTC receiving 1500 signals when in neutral position.

The Uno is sending the signal using the "servo.write(90)" function.

However, the signals received on the WTC fluctuates between 1400 to 1600.

The result is a jumper 6x6 :(


Is there a way to send perfect, stable signals to the WTC from the arduino?


Next, I'm exploring the Serial Comm (SC) mode of the WTC.