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Aduino Uno with more beef

I have been quite frustrated using generic Arduino Uno boards with peripherals such as digital compass, IMU, and nrf24L01 radios. The problem usually manifests itself as not enough usable I/O pins, not enough power or ground pins, wrong sex on headers, an most importantly,insufficient 3.3V power. I have boards from Dagu & RFRobot that satisfy most of these issues but I need the Uno pin format to cleanly interface with the Dagu Scamper ComMotion shield.

Solution. Design my own board.

algorithm for autonomous robot/car

Hi, has anyone some experience with autonomous car? I want make some program for my autonomous car with some sonars - HC-SR04. 

If anyone can help me I will be so happy :) thanks

The Maestro the Arduino and the Decepticon, Wireless hexapod.

As some of you know ive been trying to complete a 3DOF Hexapod spider using a Torobot servo controller. Well i burned it out about a week ago and ive been trying to do some research on a more plausible choice of controllers so i can get the movement i want and all the extras.

I read up on the Pololu 32ch maestro. It seems they do have a sequencer but i can further develop thier script too. I also found some good information on using the PS2 handle with the arduino and there seems to be some libraries already compiled so that will make things easier.

ComMotion Shield for omni and mecanum wheel robots

After building my first omni wheel robot I realized how difficult it can be to monitor 4 encoders and drive 4 motors so I designed the ComMotion shield. As the name suggest the shield is designed for motion control but as I ended up with 2 spare serial ports I decided to add communications abilities to the shield hence the name ComMotion.

4 Axis Robotic Arm

     I am a beginner in robotics and currently I am trying to build a 4 axis robotic arm with rotating base and I need Kinematics Equations for this project . Can anyone help me with this. 

2D model of my robotic arm is attached

World Maker Faire NY 2015!

August 26, 2015:

Lots of good news to share! The Maker Faire crew is growing; it looks like we'll have quite a group of us:

Wild Thumper woes with VNH2SP30 controller

I bought a 4WD Wild Thumper after building three different robots successfully with a mix of Raspberry PI and Arduino and the L298N motor controller which is obviously not up to the current draw of the thumper motors.

This lead me to the VNH2SP30 dual controllers. I have bought 2 both of which give a different amount of current in forward and reverse - whether used with a small salvaged DC motor (500mA typical draw) or with the wild thumper motors. I am using a 2 cell LiPo 20-30C.

RF Link query

I have been designing a RC remote control for my plane/tricopter. I have documented the project at LMR 


Well,I have run into a problem. The NRF24L01+PA+LNA modules with SMA antenna I have been using so far has only been proved to give reliable connections upto 250m approx, but I want to make solid connections upto 600m atleast. Thus the NRF modules can't be used. I have some options here,either I will buy a radio from a online store, or I will plug in some RF link in my module. 

Encoder Motors for Dagu Wild Thumper 6WD


I understand that Dagu is now offering encoded motors for the Wild Thumper 6WD.

I am in the USA and contacted the Robot Shop to see if they could order them for me

(preferably included with the Wild Thumper kit, 2 motors with encoders).

The response was no, they can't special order this for me.

Where can I get them?



Large robot chassis with 50W MP3 player

Dagu is now selling the chassis for our Venus robot as a separate product for $435 USD.
Please note there is a discount for people who log in and an additional discount for LMR members.

This is an ideal chassis for anyone who wants to make a large butler robot. It is an aluminium chassis with 2x 200mm (8 inch) drive wheels with rubber tires plus 4x caster wheels for stability.