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Help sequencing a hexapod ripple gait.

Im looking to see if any body can help me design a hexapod ripple gait sequence for a serial servo sequencing program? Ive looked around and can find several move lists where it tells you which legs move and in what order but not what the othet legs are supposed to do at the same time.

I would like to start from the beginning. First leg if you please.

Any help would be appreciated.

Understanding how not to break my new beginner kit!! (no fires please!)

Hi everyone,

First off, I want to say I am so excited I found this place... I'm almost bouncing off the walls waiting for my first beginner pack to come in. While I'm waiting, I'm trying to absorb everything I can. I think I've watched almost every youtube video that has been mentioned throughout this site, and a few folks that frequent here, I've lived on their youtube channels for days!!

Torobot software help

I ordered a 24 channel arduino compatible servo controller to use for a quadruped I'm building. It arrived today and I was able to research it a lil. Found out it's a Torobot chip on one site that also had the drivers and software. I managed to install the drivers so the computer will recognise it and downloaded the software. What came up was this


I read a short article on badji and it said this software can control the robot.

diy shoulder axle/pin/shaft/dowel pin?


I would like to 

- create a shouldered pin* in order to glue gearwheels** to it 

- ask you for any advice or link that may hint me towards a solution


any ideas are highly appreciated:

How to calculate IK

Ive been working on a hexapod robot and trying to get it to walk and look good as its doing so. I have a sequencer program but its very limited on what can be done. Ive managed to get it to walk thanks to help from the peopke on this forum but it sucks and is slow.

Any way i would like to learn IK so i can make my bot walk right but i have no idea how to calculate the problem. Ive looked at many tutorials but they only focus on the what and not the how. I understand the what but not the how. And im no mathematician.

Please any help would be appreciated.

T'Rex Controller I2C status request from RaspberryPi master triggers Shutdown

I am currently working with the T'Rex controller via i2c with a RaspberryPi as the i2c master, and using the Python smbus module to send/receive data to/from the controller. What I have found is that when I send a motor command, everything works fine, but as soon as I do a status request from the controller it seems to raise an error which results in the controller executing the Shutdown command. Specifically, this block in the controller code seems to trip the Shutdown:

PiDroidAlpha & RoboPi = same Python API

Pi Droid Alpha Python API is 99% compatible with the RoboPi Python API

need an idea for my graduation project

I am facing a challenge in finding an idea for my graduation project so plz if you can give me any idea for that , i am studying control engineering.

Servos maxing out

Hi, I recently got some servos online with intention on making a spider bot controlled by an arduino. I've connected them up to a seperate power source (4x AA) to the board and with the first set of 3 no problems. But as i've gone to add more they started acting rather strange. When I apply power to the servos they sometimes all max out try to go beond their limits, if I disconnect the power from the servos and board and restart they sometime works, but only for a short amount of time before going back to maxing out.

Wild Thumper T'Rex and ROS

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