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Vendor list discussion

Great that we have a market place now on LMR. However, we might need to modify some small bits of it.

In my opinion we should hide the personal data (phone number, email, physical address) from the public and make a registration mandatory. It's ok to keep the buyers on the safe side but also the vendors need protection. First protection against spam, I am getting every day phone calls with intersting offers for insurances, finacial sevices etc. 

That's all for now...i hope we can get some other opinions. I will create an account there, that's for sure :-)

T'REX robot controller


The T'REX robot controller makes controlling robots easy!

The Arduino compatible controller comes pre-programmed with sample code that lets you control it with a supplied Android app, Radio Control or with an external controller via I²C.


Instructables Robotic Camera Dolly System

The Instructables team did an awesome job of designing and implementing this robotic camera dolly system.  To view a complete build log and parts list visit http://www.instructables.com/id/Robotic-Camera-Dolly-System/

LCD Display

My teacher let me borrow one of his old 16x2 LCD display kits. I wanted to use it to work with arduino rather than with the kit components. I went on arduinos website and found the "hello world" tutorial. I wired everything on a breadboard and used the example program but the only thing that happens is the backlight comes on but no words. The kit even says it's arduino compatible and I re-wired about 5 times to make sure I had it right and got the same result every time. Any ideas?

Need help for mapping and edge detection for traversing of my robot.

My bot consists of 3 IR sensor,,,two fixed in two sides f the front and one on the servomotor at the middle top. I wrote this arduino program to detect a gap among some obstacles for my bot to pass through. Please tel me where i am going wrong or whether my logic s correct or not???


#include  <Servo.h>


Servo myservo;

int pos=0;

int dist[17];


int STBY = 10; 

int PWMA = 3; 

int AIN1 = 9; 

int AIN2 = 8; 

int PWMB = 5;

int BIN1 = 11;

int BIN2 = 12;

Servo programming

I have 3-9g servos and would like them to move simultaneously and individually. I am using the arduino sketch app.

Is this the best software to use or can you reccomend something else?


Pololu's amazing Black Friday deals - up to 60% off selected products, starting Thursday!

Happy Thanksgiving from Pololu Robotics and Electronics!  I thought that some people on LMR might be interested to hear about our Black Friday sale, so here it is - You can use the following coupons to save big on select Pololu products from Thursday, November 26 through Monday, November 30, 2009:

Join the *LMR 3D Print Club*

Do you have a 3D printer?


Interested in getting prints done, but have no printer?

Let's help each other printing more stuff :)

There may be a 3D printer or someone who'd like to pay for a print close to you..

Mini Sumo Motors

What would be good high torque dc motors for a sumo robot in the 20x20cm size range? I found a few (and had a few unconventional ideas such as using 2 chordless dremels to drive wheels) but would like some more ideas. Thanks!

Ps- Wheel ideas are welcome too, but I think I will buy them from Robot Marketplace