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laser sensor in a old printer

hi everyone i recently bought a used printer for about 3 dollars

it is still functioning and working very good

i didnt buy it to print paper but to use the motors rails sensors etc

i found a very good and weird sensor idk how it  is working or how to disassemble it

Strange problem when saving data to SD card

I am using an Arduino Mega 2560 equivalent controller to read a G-code file received by an Xbee on serial port 2. The file needs to be saved onto an SD card until the machine is ready to process the data.

For this test I am using the Tera Term VT software to send and receive data over the Xbee modules on serial port 2 and the USB cable to upload code and debug. The code was written using Arduino 1.0.6 but i have also tested in Arduino 1.0.4 with the same results.

Raspberry Pi offline Speech recognition?

I know a lot of the Speech controlled robots use the google api.

But I'd like a offline solution. It just has to listen for some key words like "time","temperature", ...

Would be great if someone could point me in the right direction....

parts for a Rostock mini

Looking for a home,

 a complete set of  parts  been printed at .22 layer height and a .35 infill solid enough. more details can be found at  ttp://www.thingiverse.com/thing:32850 


Help Identify These Components


Can somone tell me what these parts are. I ordered them years ago but can't remember wwhat they are. 



Using analgo sticks from a broken controller, advice



I`m using a pair of thumbstick for a RC controller, this joystick have 4 pin, searching on internet I found that they are not pots they are hall effect sensor

thumbstick Photobucket

any advice or suggestion to connect it to my arduino?

mirco servo mount

 push fit servo mount " no screws needed" should be a snug fit. the bearing 

used on the mount is a 623Z of ebay.and should be a tight fit may have to work that part to make in fit tight. the bearing not there in the normal sense of a bearing  just to give a c brackets a smooth surface to turn on. so a piece of copper tube at the right diameter could be used.


STL Viewer (beta)

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Recharging 4mimh aa with solar panel

The solar panel provides 6.57v and 40mA on full sun. Would this be enough to charge 4 aa NiMh 1.2v batteries wired in series?

How i can wire it up to the battery, and get some feedback of the charging process?