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How to interface with PC

I'm a beginner at robotics, but I do have a background in programming and some artificial intelligence and I'm planning to build an autonomous robot with an onboard computer. I may be able to use a Rasberry Pi, but I'm leaning towards a more powerful PC running (perhaps) Ubuntu. What would be a pragmatic (hopefully quick and easy) way to interface the PC with the inputs and outputs? Inputs would be ultrasonic sensors and probably either an infra-red camera or (inexpensive) laser scanner. Outputs would just be various motors to control wheels and an arm etc.

Can i change the servo sweep like this (picture attached)?

Hi All,

I want to change the sweep of a servo so it behaves like this (see below picture).  

Does anyone have any clues how i can do this?  Do i just rotate the potentiometer, output gear, and any other gear with the mechanical stop by 90 degrees?  I really hope the potentiometer is not glued on because that is going to make it difficult.

Servo motor power source

For a project I need to make my teacher advised me on using a servo from parallax


According to the datasheet I shouldn't connect it to the Vdd and Vss from the microcontroller.

Would it be ok if I would it on the same power source (being my batteries) but my controller gets 5V from a regulator and my servo would be getting 7.2V directly from the batteries. (could also lower it to 6V)

Android Robt controller app Rocketbot

I am seeking the Rocketbot Android app. It no longer appears to be avaiable. Does anyone have knowledge where I could get this app, or a suitable app. I need a controller app that has speed control, its difficult to find such an app.


Any help is appreciated.





Funding Expensive Robotics Projects

Hi all,

I have this really big idea in mind for a robotics project. I'm not going to release details about what it is yet, but whatever it is, there are two problems that keep it from becoming a reality:

The MeccaNoid Android App. is frustrating to use and buggy

MeccaNoid does- The Hokey Pokey SONG


I did this with the Android App., it was frustrating to use and buggy. It took me about 25 tries to get it close to right, the ending is not correct, but funny. I changed the voice to +30% pitch to sound more like MeccaNoid.

How to post photo in blog?


Brand new member here.  I'm working on the first blog post, but how do you include a pboto, it says to enter a url?  I tried uploading to tinyurl and using tbe links but they didn't appear.   I also tried uploading the photos from my phone to the My Stuff page but if I select them from there nothing appears in the blog.