Let's Make Robots!

New beginner with Robotics.


I'm an absolute beginner with robotics, and would like to make a serious start, but I'm not sure where to start, should I read books first? I want to buy the tools and parts I need, but I don't want to spend a lot of money, and then I can't use it.. 

Maybe someone can help me! :)


Thanks in advance!

What's your favorite software for robotics?

Which software do you use for making robots? 

This could be software for anything you use in your robot making, from conception to design, to testing and control. I'd like to steer away from listing microcontroller development environments (Arduino IDE, PICAXE Programming Editor, etc.)

Post your favorites in the comments and I'll compile a list.

Summer Sale $50 bots!

Well, its that time of year again --Kids are getting out of school and getting bored... What a great time to get your kids into programming and robotics!

For the whole of the summer, 2014, Rocket Brand Studios will be selling our Tadpole Educational kit for just $49.95! 

Android Controlled Robot : Wifi vs Bluetooth

Hello guys,

I have an HC-05 module lying somewhere and I plan to use it to control a robot. I'll need an Android phone running an Android app to control the robot, that communicates with the module, and a controller board ( preferably Arduino for me ). While this process is simpler and straightforward, I wanted to know how it stacks up against a wifi enabled system.

On-board charger


I am redoing the power system of my robot that I built last year to increase safety (preventing shorts, adding emergency cut-off,etc),  convience (adding master switch and switches for each sub system rather than connecting battery connectors) and bling (blue 7-segment displays that show voltage for each sub-system).  

Motor Arm Length Calculator

Below is a picture of what I'm trying to build. This is the motor that I'm using, which has plenty of torque.

SRAM from WingShing - I can't find any datasheet

I bought some time ago a SRAM IC of WingShing to experiment with it, but i can't find any datasheets about it.

It's the WS6116LLP-70 with the text 0518GC under it and it does have 24 pins.

I searched already but i do find only datasheets about IC's with 28 or 32 pins.


Already thanks for responding!

New Bevel Gears from ServoCity

Now you can build right angle drives inside or outside of channel with these new 24 tooth, 32 pitch bevel gears. We offer them in four bore sizes, 1/4”, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. Great for building differentials or any application where you need to transfer rotational motion 90 degrees. Sold individually with set-screw.

confusion over what voltage/amp is needed to power a wifi camera...


i have this wifi camera: http://foscam.us/products/foscam-fi9821w-megapixel-wireless-ip-camera.html

I would have liked to have powered it either through the 5v output of raspberry, but i quickly learned that that would not work.

Now the specs aren't clear on the voltage or amps that it draws..but the dc adapter that it came with outputs 5v/2amps, so i figured at minimum i needed a power supply that does the same.