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connecting bluetooth module to T'Rex board to control a wild thumper


In my university's lab we have a wild thumper that we're able to control through T'Rex board as a main controller and through I2C and UDoo board, but when we connect a bluetooth module to the T'Rex is connects and the TX LED is on and the app is connected to the HC-05 but the robot does not move a single bit. None of the motors is responding to the app...The exact sample code loaded on the T'Rex website is used and I can't figure out what's the problem... Any help?

why dont I see robots with turning wheels like rc cars do

I understand that some robots just use motors all four or two wheels but why not make a more commonly used practice of making the stering wheels turn

Arduino Day 2015

Will you take part in the Arduino Day 2015 on Mar 28?

It's time to prepare the project or related material now.

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Happy to enjoy it now.


Anyone else excited about Chappie?

Not going to lie.  When I watched District 9 I had the thought: "Man, I wish Blomkamp would take on Asimovian dillemmas."  

Help with Brat clone

Hello my son is trying to make a lynxmotion brat clone we have bought one of these 6dof clones/servos etc off ebay, whats the cheapest and easiest way to get it walking?I have an ardiuno board, but I understand I will need a servo controller? whisch one do I buy and how do we code it?



Peter (UK)


eBay Sniper Lesson

This doesn't have much to do with robots.  Nothing at all in fact-but let's face it, about half of the forum is only tangentially related any more (3d printing, remote control cars, quadcopters, LED cubes, etc.)  This is about a lesson I learned about eBay today.  Or maybe it's about arbitrage or something else-I'll let you decide.

Quadcopter PWM frequency problem?

Hello Everyone,

I've started building a micro quadcopter. The main body is about 4.5cm long, and 4.5cm wide. Below is a picture.

First timer and hopeful enthusiast

So I go to school at ITT Tech and after turning in our project I now get to mess with the remnants of what we built.  Now what I have built and will put a picture in of is a basic water sensor and arduino package.  This worked fine and the teacher liked it but I have always been worried that the LED was so dim when it turned on that we could barely see it.  The teacher said it was fine and let us go.  I on the other hand am not happy.

problem with robodog project

hi there

I'm building a robodog which have a car body, I used a servo to move it's tail, and easyvr shield to listen and execute voice comands, and motor shield to move the 4wd chassis, but whenever I say start the servo get stuck at the last rotation and starts vibrating, I tried to increase or decrease the times the servo move but I get the same problem each time, can anyone help me?