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Fish Heads! Why it hurts when everyone talks about burgers, steak and pizza!

To begin with, this forum is not intended to insult Chinese cooking. It just shows one of the many differences between east and west.

Coupon For 2014 FIFA World Cup & Father's Day

After 4 years, we welcome the men's week (2014 FIFA World Cup & Father's Day).
Let's celebrate it NOW!

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How to use the serial port flow control to reset an Arduino from a PC or tablet? (Solved!)

I want to connect an Arduino to a tablet and have an app on the tablet reset the Arduino if required. The robot I am designing has multiple Arduinos and sensors all linked via I2C. One of the Arduinos (the master) connects to a tablet via the USB and passes commands from the tablet to the various slave Arduinos.

Simplest electronic randomizer

I am trying to get some random element in the output of my latest solar powered bot. What I would like to be able to do is to have the bursts of activity from the solar engine make the motor turn one way or the other randomly. 

I tried creating a little circuit that had a comparator linked to two photosensors set close to each other so that it was mostly random what the output was but it got a little complicated and I figure that there must be a much simpler way to do that.

Newbie questions about stepper motor

Hello, I know absolutely nothing about mechanics, I just bought an Arduino and was able to set it up to get a stepper motor spinning. I want to build a moving camera mount with it, then later a robot. But I'm having some very stupid problems I'm not sure how to best solve.

mpu 6050 - default & setup values


could anyone provide a link or information

for my enquiry as listed below, please?


any support is highly appreciated, 

Security Bot For My House

Hi There,

I recently start to desing and build the same time a security bot for my house.The idea is to add a camera some sensors and that's it. I will open my netbook or pc login into the network and drive this from anywhere. But i need some help with it vision i want to put a usb camera and i don't know how to transmit it on the network. And then i saw a wr703n mini router. I will put a battery to supply my bot and the same time the router. Is this going to work or ......? 


Please help me with my battery issues..

Hello everybody!

I'm building a tank robot using some Bosch PSR 18 drill motors (got a great deal, £10 each).
They didn't come with batteries.. and I'm not sure how to power them.

I thought about buying the bosch battery packs on ebay but turns out they're quite expensive, and I'm trying to do it all cheap.
So I thought, get some similar battery packs.. 18v 1500mah, but they're expensive too.

I really need help, all I plan on doing is flicking the power on and off with a few relays to move the tank.. nothing clever.

Beware of these recent phishing scams

This is nothing to do with robots but I have had 2 scams in 2 days so I thought I'd warn you. Recently there have been some high profile security leaks and it seems there are some arseholes trying to take advantage of it.


The first scam claimed to be a shipping confirmation from Amazon with an attached zip file. Since I never order from amazon and the email address is bogus, actually sent from "newskmle@idriveyouupawall.com" I knew it was a scam and automatically deleted it.


Face Tracking Using OpenCV and Processing (Error) [SOLVED]

UPDATE: As i said guys, when the face tracking program is launched immediately on start-up, i don't get this error, otherwise i do. Now, the program has launched, without an error, but the display output is totally black. Any suggestions guys?

I also referred to CP's solution to this same problem, ON A LAPTOP, but to no avail. I installed quicktime, and a vdig driver, but no progress till now.


Hello guys,