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Arduino Nano ATMega328 (CH340G Clone) is it dead


I have been using a Nano ATMega328 (CH340G Clone) this one here and its been working fine however earlier today during an upload my Mac decided to switch itself off?

Now the red light (power) comes on but it does not respond to anything else, the USB serial port is also not recognised, meaning that it is not communicating.

Converting R/C Truck to Autonomous?


Hello Everyone,


How to fix suspension problems @ mecanum bot

I finally have my mecanum bot up & running and did some testing today (http://youtu.be/81F_xTLLb2w). I found the bot drifting due to a lack of traction (not too bad on the video, but erratic behavior elsewhere in the living room ;-). The alloy frame is pretty rigid causing not all four wheels always to be firmly on the ground. Looking for solutions I encountered the idea of dividing the chassis in two parts that can rotate (twist vertical) relative to each other (see pictures). My question regards the "rotation component". What is this for component and were can I buy it.

L9110S logic level question.

Hi all,

For my robot I like to run my l9110s motor driver that I got from eBay and 2 dc-motors directly from a 7.2 volt battery. This should work together with an arduino nano. 

 However.. will this motor driver accept the 5v signals that come from the arduino? Or will I need a voltage level shifter?


Any advice welcome :-)


Happy Chinese Lantern Festival: 15% OFF Coupon Code on ICStation


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Dagu mini pan/tilt kit and another question

I'd like to try using the Dagu kit for another purpose (non-robotic) and I'm wondering what voltages I am supposed to feed the motors?  Also, to reverse motor direction, do I just reverse polarity?  I want to use the Dagu mount for a small camera (webcam).


Help with code for NanoATMega328 / 2 x DC Motors / 9g Micro Servo / HCSR04 Ultrasonic Detector


I have built an obstacle avoidance bot for a School Robotics Club I had the motors running using a demo mode (spin left the right) but have just connected a servo and an HCSR04 Ultrasonic Detector and I need some help with the code to get it up and running.

The Bot uses:

Chassis with 2 x Geared DC Motors

L298N Dual Motor Controller

Worm Brains!

Nemesis2065 showed me this project.  Awesome! Thank's Nemesis.

I say we implement MarkusB's alogrithm on an FPGA and make our own worms. :)

Kossel Mini Hotend Question

I'd normally ask Hoff these questions, so it's with a bit of sadness I ask others.

Does anyone know where I could get an effector for my Kossel Mini printed?  I've come to the conclusion Hoff was right about my cheap eBay hot-end and would like to switch out for the E3D v6 hotend, but my fear is I won't be able to print out the respective effector given the cheap hotend I have.

Openscad PhoneHolder

Link to github
Actually modeled after a NGM Legend 2(an android phone), but i added a height parameter, so it can be modified.
I count to add more files later to the repo.

STL Viewer (beta)

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