Let's Make Robots!

Noob here trying to build a Robot with my 4yo

Hello everyone.  I hope my first post gets some amazing replies and input to guide me in the right direction. 

My family and I were at Barnes and Noble this weekend just browsing around for magazines. But then I casually started making my way torwards the robot books and my heart started racing.  I was soooo excited to read about how to build robots that I could not fall asleep that night. :)  I picked up Making Simple Robots by Kathy Ceceri and looked through it for hours the day I bought it.  The only thing that was missing was the electronics kit. :(

Attaching wheels to servos

I have got hold of a couple of these...



but want some advice on how I attach wheels to them as the holes on the servo spindles(?) are about 2-3mm wide. Can you buy screws that small?


This is my first ever build so I am completely new to all of this.



Snickerdoodle Microcontroller/Microprocessor

Just ran across this:


Looks like a lot for the $55. I know nothing other than that.

Could not figure out how to post that as a link...

GSM/GPRS module and arduino


I've just bought a gsm/gprs module named GTM900b and

this module has an option that when you give "A/" to it it'll repeat every command

you sent to it ...and when you want to get rid of it you shall need to reset settings 

for resetting the setting you've to use this command : "ATZ0"

I used it for the first time and it worked ...I became able to take "HUAWEI OK" and "GTM900B OK"

but just for one time ....I cannot use it anymore and I've no idea what the problem is :(

can anyone help me with that ? 

Arduino crawler robot

My arduino robot project:

Arduino Nano V3.0 5V ATmega328P 

3x battery li-on 18650 

unapplied Battery Power Level Indicator 3-30V

DC-DC Boost Converter adjustable 10-32V 12-35V  - 10A 

DC-DC Converter 5v power supply Arduino and sensor

MOTOR controller L298N Dual H Bridge 

algorithm for autonomous robot/car

Hi, has anyone some experience with autonomous car? I want make some program for my autonomous car with some sonars - HC-SR04. 

If anyone can help me I will be so happy :) thanks

Trouble with servos!

I’m working on a robot that’s supposed to place dominoes in a track. As part of the design, there’s an arm that grabs and places the dominoes.

Help on this motor

I have a motor taken from a printer( had two, killed one to try figuring it out) with three wires, a gear reducing portion and no clue as to how it operates. I've applied voltage to the red and black and nothing happened, so I took it apart to find a small board and ic. Any help would be super appreciated.

robot that follows me

hi guys so my question is how can i build a robot that can follow me using my phone or anything else

USB Lipo Chargers

A long time ago, I purchased a really cheap Lipo charger that can be powered through a USB. It works great with the 3.7V RC heli batteries I have, and I'm now considering building something out of it.

Here's my intentions: power a microcontroller using the lipo, when that lipo is also connected the the chargin circuit. And my question is is this something I can do without frying the circuit? I'm still a bit shaky in electronics, so I thought I'd come here to see if anyone had answers.

Here's the picture and schematics: