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Robot Talk Show 'Babbling Bots'


UPDATE 20/5/2014

The show was succesfully livestreamed and can now be watched by those who missed it here.

Thanks to all the LMR folk that came along! They've told me it was good and I thought it went good so I'm happy.

Mapping a range of numbers to another range of numbers ....

Hi all ... had to convert a range of numbers in my online course to another range of numbers using C code ... 

in Arduino this is easy using the Map function ... but i had a lot of problems trying to figure out to do it in C and after googling online and not finding anything of use decided id have to try harder doing it myself so got out the excel sheet and tryed working it out myself ... and after getting it sorted decided to do a little write up on it .... 

Absolute Newbie

Hello everyone, I only learned about servos yesterday, but I feel like I want to pursue figuring how they work in order to make my project.

Best way to drive two motors

My goals are to (1) move the plunger of a 1ml syringe for about 0.5cm in a second then move it all the way back; and (2) move another plunger of another 1ml syringe for about 1.5cm in a second then move it all the way back. The movements of syringes are coordinated but not necessary in unison, meaning one might lag behind another.

Bluetooth controlled projects - Android/iPhone apps

Hi everyone


I'm coming to the end of a project; a Wall-e Robot, with Arduino internals, controlled by Bluetooth via an attached module.

I have made a simple python app and also found a few android apps that do a job;

The controllers send a single character to the Arduino (F, B, L, R etc) and the Arduino triggers the correct motion.


I am stumped looking for an iPhone app to allow me to do the same, however - has anyone ever found such an app?

How to program a maze bot in PICAXE for 18M2 Kilroy? (Urgent)

Hi, I'm Eleni, a high school student :) In my technology class, we are required to participate in a robotics competition in three catergories, two of which I am already sufficient in, but the third...not so much. I'm not very savvy at coding (PICAXE), and my robot is 5.25x7.25 inches, and we're only allowed to use touch sensors to help it get through the "maze" (the set-up is an attachment). I understand the basics of coding, but I'm pretty lost...I would greatly appreciate some help, as it's due tomorrow. Thanks! :D

LPC1114 USB-Serial Solution -- Rerolling Boot Uploader

UPDATE: 6/04/14

Working UUE, but I know there are better ways to write it.  And I still need to deal with null padding.

Rerolled LPC1114 Bootloader Interface (v16)


UPDATE: 5/31/14

Been distracted by other projects.  Back at it.

I've a rough draft of the UUE encoder, but doesn't work.

Battery packs and power distribution

Before I ever started with robotics, I read Gordom Mccombs' book Robot Bonanza.  He said it's best to use two battery packs, one for the drive motors and one for the microprocessor .  And I built all of my robots like that.  But I'm wondering if that's what everybody else does?

How to send Lego PF IR signal to PF receiver from PC?

I have a Lego RCX IR tower (http://www.robotika.sk/mains.php?page=/projects/robsapien/irtower.php), it can be used to communicate with RCX by LNP protocol (same as brickOS protocol http://lnphost.sourceforge.net/brickos.html).

Now I want to know if I can use this IR tower to send LEGO PF IR protocol to PF receiver? You can find PF IR protocol hear (http://www.philohome.com/pf/LEGO_Power_Functions_RC_v120.pdf).

I tried to use SetCommBreak, ClearCommBreak and nanosleep to create mark, pause, start, stop, high and low, is this possible?

trouble with a button

Hi guys, as some of you know I am trying to learn some arduino, exspand my stuffs so to speak, what I want to do is push a button and do a RGB led routine, push button again and turn it of, hoff's bling thing medalion got me thinking on this. I'm using Ladvian's excellent Attiny board an 85 breakout board. The idea for me is if I can figure it out I can turn most anything on or off with it, but also run a routine, or program. here's what I got so far bdk6 and JerZ hinted at the problem, but its beyond me.