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going half on filament

am looking to buddy up on some of the exotic filament like:

http://www.imakr.com/filament/36-carbon-fiber-175-mm.html and http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261359455825

the T glass on ebay is the cheapest source I can find

basically the idea is to go half on the stuff, how I thought we can sort the postage:

if its like free from ebay, we split the postage between us to the other person.

Help to convert a blank ATmega328 into a speech synthesizer chip for under $5

Some time ago when I was looking at the cost of speakjet and other hardware speech systems I remembers that back in the 80's there was a program call S.A.M. (software automated mouth) that ran on my Atari XL. It was also available for the C64, Apple and possibly some other systems.

3D Printer VS CNC

if a robot builder on a budget to buy either this or that. which one ?


Can I put an resistor array and an servo on an rc car

Hello Community

This is my fist post So I hope this is the place. I am looking for information about this mechanical arm and whether it is possible to buy it. This is the one http://prntscr.com/60duyp

Thank You.

Inconsistent readings from a HC-SR40

Stumped again! 

I am building a new little guy and I am getting consistently bad readings now that I have added more code to the program. Let me explain....

I double checked that the hardware is ok. 

Hardware 01

I tested the different elements seperately: Speaker, motors, sensor, etc. The sensor was tested using the little piece of code I keep around, inspired from the YDMII.

symbol trig = 4 

Mini Kossel Material flow problem,

We bought a mini Kossel 3D printer 2 months ago and are still trying to get it to work. We bought the Mini Kossel from MakerGeek. Below is our Mini Kossel.

Nanosecond timing-too fine for the hobbyist?

I recently got involved with an idea that requires timing down to nanoseconds registered across serial Rx. That's a little smaller resolution than an Arduino pumping at 16Mhz can provide. The thing is, I'm having trouble turning up any resources on line that would let me design and build a peripheral device short of a caesium fountain-maybe a little beyond what I could rig on the bench, but maybe I'm just not searching right.